pro•nun•ci•a•men•to         n. pl. pro•nun•ci•a•men•tos or pro•nun•ci•a•men•toes
An official or authoritarian declaration; a proclamation or edict.

1. Team Friendship exists to unify badasses of the world. Through the Team Friendship recruitment campaign, we strive to enlighten one another in the art of badassness. In addition, we wish for those existing badasses to actively pursue the propagation of other potential badasses. Team Friendship may sound like a not-so-badass name, but rest assured the badassness is deeply ingrained in ALL Team Friendship members’ lifestyles.

2. Basically, if you are a badass in ANY way, shape, form or mentality, you are a potential Team Friendship member. The only thing that restricts you from being a fully pledged member of Team Friendship is if you don’t consider yourself to be a badass. Team Friendship is simply a forum for badasses to come to in order to share videos, pictures, stories and whatever else YOU the badass may have to contribute.

3. The Team Friendship propaganda campaign is in place as sort of a global information distribution experiment. The Team Friendship founders are located literally all over the world. We hope to spread the word to as many badasses as possible with our T-shirts, stickers and word of mouth. See the "Join Us " section of our site for more information.