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28 March 2006 - And here we go! We welcome two new Legionnaires: East Side Playboy and Clean Cut Wreckster!

We've got some pretty funny new pics posted in the European Chapter photo section.

Colonel Crookeye made a killer desktop featuring YOU! It's a collage of all Legionnaires as of February 2006. It's kick ass. Check it out over at the Downloads page.

The POP QUIZ has had a little action. Several of you have taken the test, but no one has gotten a perfect score. We'll be tallying up here in the next week or so and announce the winner right here.

13 February 2006 - We've said it twice in the forums now and we'll say it again: Get your asses over to the gallery and check out the kick ass pictures Itchy .45 submitted. He was there when Shaun White took the gold in the Men's Snowboard Halfpipe at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Check out his Itchy's bitchin' photos in the Sticker Spottings and European Chapter sections.

Submitting that many killer photos put Itchy .45 way over the top for a promotion! He's now a Superior Regimental Commandant. He'll be getting a shirt and stuff.

5 February 2006 - I know we usually start with the announcement of new members, but today we're gonna first let you in on a little POP QUIZ we got goin' on. Yeah it's a CONTEST and yes you can WIN SOME SHIT. Go on over to the Team Friendship main page and click the hand for details and the quiz itself! Go on. Go now.

We've got a couple of new Legionnaires: DJ Double Deuce and Illiterate A-Hole! Welcome aboard!

There's a huge amount of new pictures from Mother Trucker, Bumpkin, Carlito Reubens, Rico Borracho, Young Blood and us Generalés! There are over 3 full pages of new pictures in the European Chapter alone!

Also, added to the Team Friendship picture gallery is a section entitled "The Adventures of Badass Billy". For those of you not regulars on the forums, Badass Billy is an esteemed member who will be traveling the world via the postal service, visiting legionnaires and getting his picture taken and his backside autographed. The photo album is where you can see photos from his travels.

Finally, congratulations are in order for Mother Trucker. He's now moved up in rank and will now be known as a Superior Regimental Commandant! Super sweet.

7 January 2006 - Yeah, yeah. It's been awhile, we know. Busy with the holidays and all. Anyway, we've got Mother Trucker here in person giving us a hand today. He's visiting his Generalé brother, el Chupanibré here in Italy all the way over from the good ol' U. S. of A.

Ok, so now to business: We've got three, yes, three new Legionnaires: Jedi Master Bader, Young Blood and Uninhibited Vocalist!

We've got a shitload of new pictures and crap from Greasy Pirate, Suburban Cowgirl, Lady Killer and Itchy .45.

Plus, we've got a sweet new Product Review from Greasy Pirate.

And lastly we've got a workshop that is the most bitchin'-est workshop this side of the Mississippi. It is the culmination of a Star Wars marathon embodied in a workshop that demonstrates how to survive watching all six Star Wars episodes in one sitting AND is all a workshop should be when presenting itself as a workshop amongst all workshops... Here's that workshop we've been talking about. It's a workshop. A workshop on the official Team Friendship workshop page.

5 December 2005 - Today, we're gonna write out the news a whole new way! First, we typed it (in english) into Alta Vista's Babelfish Translator; then we translated from english into italian; THEN copied and pasted that italian translation BACK into the translator and translated it BACK into english. Here's what we get:

Today, we have two new Legionnaires! We pray welcome Breesus the Unoriginal and Regurgitative Nomad to Friendship of the Team!

Moreover we have obtained some transmitted excellent sweet images within from Sneeze A. Nut. She has introduced two images of her custom of Halloween for Chapter of European and the two really pleasant images for the Spottings of the Self-sticking Paper. All men outside really you would enjoy one here these. It has a look as soon as you can!

28 November 2005 - Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Busy on the Italian front at the moment. Anyway, that's all the whining you'll get out of us! Anyway, we are happy to announce that our loser html skillz are improving. From here on out, if you click a person's handle, it no long only links to the page that they reside on, but to the actual profile itself! Hooray. We are easily impressed. Try that shit out! Click a name and it should take you straight to their profile! You may need to go to all the legionnaires pages (division, regiment, brigade and little tf buddies) and hit refresh on your browser for each one before it'll work right. Oh the wonders of "named anchors".

Let's all now welcome 4 more members of Team Friendship! Le Talonneur, Lazy Nurse, Tree Hugger and Wanker B. Kankle!

And as usual, there's a SHITLOAD of new pictures posted on the photos page! Submissions by Wanker B. Kankle, Kha-lib das Schwermetall Mensch, Rico Borracho and Itchy .45!

Let it be known that Kha-lib das Schwermetall Mensch is now sitting on 307 notches on his badass belt. That pushes him up again in rank to SUPERIOR Regimental Commandant. Punch him in the mouth as a congratulatory gesture if and when you see him!

We got a live chat room in the works! Now no dirty talk once we get that hog going! harhar

6 November 2005 - And here's some more legionnaires for the Team Friendship MACHINE! MonkeyIndustries, Dirty Backbiter, Fire Walker and Twisted Highlander!

el Chupanibré made a new Team Friendship Groupie T-Shirt iron on for those folks to download that aren't actually members of Team Friendship, but are a fan of TF or a TF legionnaire! You can find that sweet hog at the downloads page.

Chupa Jr. sent us a sweet new St. Ides Malt Liquor product review!

Tons of new pictures posted on the photos page! Submissions by Crash von Fury, Mother Trucker, Rico Borracho, Suburban Cowgirl, Flowering Maillot, Kha-lib das Schwermetall Mensch and Greasy Pirate!

23 October 2005 - It's been a bit since the last update but we've now accepted 5 new members into the ranks! Welcome DarkOne Nailz, Burnt Wringer, the Supreme Flicker, Flowering Maillot and Suburban Cowgirl!

Lompton Streaker created a sweet GTO desktop for the downloads page.

And finally we've gotten several more various pictures posted on the photos page!

11 October 2005 - Carlito Reubens once was lost, but now has found his way into Team Friendship.

Kha-lib das Schwermetall Mensch submitted one more Sticker Spottings pic which brings him up to 202 notches on his Badass Belt! He got a startout notch number of 100 for being with us from the beginning and now with over 100 more notches, he's moved up a rank to Vice Regimental Commandant. Congrats!

Mr. Awesome submitted a few Southwest Chapter pics. Pretty sweet!

6 October 2005 - Welcome Itchy .45 and a Demente Chauffeur to the Team Friendship Machine!

Kha-lib das Schwermetall Mensch submitted some pics from Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany for the European Chapter and Sticker Spottings!

Mother Trucker made us a Surfer desktop with that classic 80's new wave feel to it for the downloads page!

27 September 2005 - Update: Freebert just submitted 9 pics (that we selected out of quite a few more) and not only earned himself some stickers by aquiring 54 notches in one fail swoop, but also started up the "Southern Chapter" photos section!

While we were posting the aforementioned photos, Rico Borracho sent in another entertaining pic for us to add to the European Chapter section.

27 September 2005 - Alot of updates over the last week or so. Our newest legionnaire is Sidewalk Superintendent!

Some new good n' funny pics were added by Rico Borracho!!

The photos section was rearranged a tad. We went ahead and added a "Southwest Chapter" and will reserve room for a "Southern Chapter" when someone from the swamps of the south decides to submit some pics!

Greasy Pirate has submitted two new product reviews, a new workshop and a good picture for us all to enjoy. He's now worked his way up to 72 notches in his badass belt!

Bald Bloke submitted a funny video to the "random crap" section.

Mr. Awesome sent us 3 sweet pictures to add to our "Midwest Chapter" gallery.

Our own Generalé, el Chupanibré has made a sweet new desktop for the downloads section.

We've added some threads in the forums and did a bit of housekeeping (rearranging, combining similar threads, etc.) Don't worry, no threads or posts were deleted; just moved around a bit.

We've also done some rearranging to all the Legionnaires page. Before, legionnaires were ordered by rank, then date of joining up; now, we've got them arranged by rank, then number of notches, THEN by date. Some of you moved a bit, some stayed where you were at before. So far, the only person to actually GAIN rank by aquiring over 100 notches on their Badass Belt is Black Toe-Lester.

18 September 2005 - We've got two new young ladies and a young buck added to the Legionnaires' ranks! Say hello to Le Motley Narcissist, Mrs. Knuckler and Triple B!

A few more pics were added by Seaman Pooty and Lompton Streaker!! Seaman Pooty has brought his notches up to 81 as of today!

12 September 2005 - And again we've got three more Legionnaires added to the Team! Rico Borracho, Stag Mountaineer and Tennessee Temptress ! Have a look at their profiles and look out for them in the forums!

Sneeze A. Nut has just submitted her second video. You can find it in the "random crap" section. It's pretty funny. Check it out!

Seaman Pooty has sent us some pictures of his fun times drinking in a french pub. He earned himself a sticker pack with the submission he made of only 6 pictures. See how easy that is?

And finally, Black Toe-Lester has sent us yet another desktop for the downloads section!

10 September 2005 - Some serious congratulations are in order for our esteemed Legionnaire, BLACK TOE-LESTER! He has become the first Legionnaire to receive over 100 notches since Team Friendship's website was created; thereby earning him a promotion to Superior Division Capitano AND a pack of stickers AND a free custom Team Friendship T-Shirt! Since the site went live, Black Toe-Lester has submitted 9 pictures, 2 desktops and a Real Testimony Video (#08)! Give him your thanks if you see him on the forums! (note: all the other Legionnaires you see with over 100 notches earned the first 100 by being original members before the site went up. We HAD to have at least a few members for folks to see when the site went live!)

In addition to Black Toe-Lester's aforementioned submissions (the desktops and Real Testimony (#08) are brand new! Go see!), we also have FIVE new videos for your enjoyment. There's a new one in the "skate trickz"section by Colonel Crookeye, a nice one in the "skate/snow slams" by Sneeze A. Nut, and 3 new "random crap" videos: one features Mother Trucker beating a pal with a stick; another features Douche Bag getting a pie in the face whilst sleeping and yet another of him swallowing a live goldfish followed by a hit off of the ol' beer bong! Funny stuff if you're not into PETA. Go check that shit out NOW!

And that's not all! Sneeze A. Nut submitted 8 pictures, bringing her notches total up to 36! She'll be receiving a pack of stickers in the mail very soon!

8 September 2005 - And there's three more Legionnaires added to the Team! Choppahawk, Toucan Sam and Nekkid Vandal! Welcome all.

There's been alot of new photo additions lately. If you haven't been in a while, be sure and check them all out here!

The Team Friendship Forums have pretty much taken off like wildfire! If you haven't yet (and only if you're an official Legionnaire), get your ass in there and register! It's easy and of course, free.

3 September 2005 - Welcome to some new Legionnaires! We've now got Lompton Streaker, Mr. Awesome, N.Y. Buddha and Pooperilla added to the ranks!

Thanks to Colonel Crookeye, we've now got the official Team Friendship Forum up and running! If you got the e-mail with the details, then you're in the know already. If you didn't, then check it out here. Remember, this applies to official Legionnaires only! If you're reading this and you're not a Legionnaire, then get over to the Join Us page and submit an application!

Chupa Jr. and Mother Trucker each put up a couple of awesome new product reviews! Check them out here! Great stuff!

Colonel Crookeye just made a new desktop! It's pretty badass, check it out at the Downloads section!

30 August 2005 - Greasy Pirate recently submitted a couple of pics so we had to create a whole new album to put them in! Now we officially span the US and Europe. Check out the new pics in the Midwest Chapter section of the Pics page.

29 August 2005 - Hot FoXXXy, el Chupanibré and The Golden Sparrow are back from their summer snowboarding trip to the Italian and Swiss Alps! We've got some great new pics both in the European Chapter section and the Sticker Spottings section of the Pics page! Check us out in all our glory...

25 August 2005 - And again, we got many applications in the last few days. Some we know, some we don't. But we certainly know them all well enough to accept them as fully fledged Legionnaires! Anyway, here they is, once again in no particular order: Freebert; Karl Shittington; Bald Bloke; Sneeze A. Nut; and the kick ass Greasy Pirate!

In other news, el Chupanibre has put together a summer snowboarding trip for us to the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland! We'll be staying on the Italian side of the border (Cervinia, Italy) but we're planning to cross over said border at a high altitude mountain ridge (3800 meters) for some fun down the other side. Hopefully it will be decent. We'd like to take the following opportunity to call out the assholes that knew about this trip for weeks, but ditched out on us the day before we leave (after vehicle and hotel reservations were made, of course): Lady Killer, Bumpkin, Wang Dango, the aptly named Douche Bag, and a addtional non-Team Friendship affiliated person. Thanks fellas. Those of us that ARE going (el Chupanibre and his ol' lady, Poopzilla, The Golden Sparrow and his ol' lady, Hot FoXXXy and a different non-Team Friendship affiliated person) are gonna have a kick ass time without those other fucks.

20 August 2005 - So here I am (The Golden Sparrow) enjoying a little time away in Germany when we all of the sudden receive 8 applications today! Holy shit. Anyway, we've got Colonel Crookeye and especially Miss Yim, his old lady, to thank for doing some heavy promoting on the Team Friendship MySpace site! So now then, without further adieu (yeah, I hit up France momentarily today) here are our newest Legionnaires (in no particular order): Love Rocker; TJ Pissinhimer; Evil Italiano; Iron Mustacho; Cutter Vomitos; Stitch Lusherson; Margarita Mariner; and finally Ashen Kitty Killer! Welcome all.

15 August 2005 - It's been a while since we had updates but now we've got alot to announce! First off, check out our two new legionnaires, Fresh Money and Mumbles the Destroyer!

Colonel Crookeye has completely revamped the Team Friendship Photos section! It looks awesome and is much easier to use than the last version. There are a bunch of new pics in there too! Have a look! We've now got a "Sticker Sightings" section and a new "East Coast Chapter" section (since Black Toe-Lester submitted some pics).

El Chupanibré has made us a new Product Review! You gotta check it out. That shit is hilarious!

We've got 3 new videos posted on the Videos page featuring Lady Killer, Douche Bag and Bumpkin! You'll find the new ones under "Random Crap".


7 August 2005 - We've got a new desktop that simply states what Team Friendship is all about in the DOWNLOADS section!

5 August 2005 - Say hello to Ye' Old Lizard Slayer and Thunder Nugget!

4 August 2005 - We've got two more Division Capitanos; one dude and one chick. Have a look at Crash von Fury and Mute Cricket! I will proclaim now that Crash von Fury will always hold a special place in the Team Friendship annals as the FIRST person to adhere a Team Friendship sticker to her car. Yep... the first. Even before us Generalés.

1 August 2005 - We got another new legionnaire! This one's a crazy friend of el Chupanibré's. Check out Black Toe-Lester and his badass affirmation right friggin' now!

- Also, we received an e-mail today from a young lady from Kentucky (from what we're guessing looking at her e-mail address) and this is what she had to say:

"By word of mouth I heard about your site. Verra interesting stuff. Interesting enough to help promote it a bit.
Odd Todd is an NPR (National Public Radio) correspondent, cartoonist and generally well known geek guy. Lots O'Hits on his site. Hope you guys get bunchs of attention.

Well, it just so happens that 2 out of 3 of us Generalés (el Chupanibré will be visiting it for the first time this very evening) are big fans of Odd Todd and his website! Myself (G. Sparrow) and Colonel Crookeye have been enjoying Odd Todd's awesome site for years now and YOU SHOULD TOO. I highly recommend that you go straight to his cartoons and watch them in the order presented. Funny stuff for all you super-slackers out there.

With that said, we are proud to announce we have made it to the top of this list on the Google machine!! Check us out! Thanks again to Oddtodd again for the link, which undoubtedly helped our ranking!

31 July 2005 - Two more ladies just joined up! Check out Brooklyn's Gopher and Talianto Bonetta. Also, we just shipped out about 250 stickers to pre-designated propaganda distributers all over the US of A. They're on their way to Idaho, Maine, Kansas, New York and California. So if you found out about this site from a sticker, e-mail us and let us know!

27 July 2005 - We got another new application in. This one is Mother Teresa and this one's a she. Team Friendship is now officially co-ed. Here is a quote from an email we recieved from our newest member: "I suppose he told you why he suggested Mother Teresa, but to be honest, I was told that me spending a lot of time on my knees and in the missionary position didn't qualify me as a nun. apparently I've been going about it the wrong way... " Mother Teresa, Team Friendship salutes you for your efforts!

26 July 2005 - Welcome to two new Legionnaires: OG Spam and Seaman Pooty! Check out their shit. (hit "refresh" on your browser if you don't see them on those pages when you check them.) There's are the first two legitimate applications we've received since the launch of Team Friendship this last Saturday.

26 July 2005 - In other news, Black Eye McTrouble's old man (a future legionniare as soon as he gets his shit together and applies!) just got back from Florida and has informed us that he has placed Team Friendship stickers on the front doors and in the dressing rooms of Salty Dog Surf Shop and Mr. Surfs Surf Shop, both at Panama City Beach. They gave him permission, so they should be up for a while. He also popped one on a table and on the bar at the Granite Café in Panama City. Pretty cool.

25 July 2005 - We are proud to announce that one of our potential recruits has placed a Team Friendship sticker in a most unusual place. It seems that this last weekend while at a party in Montreux, Switzerland, a fight, then practically a riot broke out. While not directly involved in the fighting, our hero was arrested along with the entire room full of individuals. While spending his time in jail, the recruit had his wits about him enough to think to place a Team Friendship sticker on the wall next to one of the toilets in the jail. So basically, if you ever find yourself hauled into the pokey in Montreux, keep an eye out for our sticker when you're taking a big dump. We couldn't be more honored! (Oh, and by the way, that individual is out from behind bars now, so no need to send him a file in a cake or anything.)

note: you may think we make this shit up, but BELIEVE ME, everything said on this website is true. I can't vouch for the "Badass Self Affirmations" in the 'Legionnaires' pages because they were written by the individuals listed themselves. But as far as general content... you'd better believe it! The truth is usually funnier than fiction!

24 July 2005 -We have received our first review of TeamFriendship, here is an excerpt:

'your site is awesome, other then the YMCA vibe that I felt, and by that I mean an all mans kind of club, and by that I mean your flowers were funny haha, not funny queer. I totally picked up on your irony. But seriously I read through the whole thing, tons of laughs... I actually kept thinking where are the mullets, and then they appeared in the form of little richard, that was a great picture." -Anonymous

We think that means they like it.?@!?

23 July 2005 - We must announce the following bit of information: one of our esteemed legionnaires, Douche Bag, has finally joined the ranks of manhood at the ripe age of 21. Whilst a friends sister was visiting, Douche Bag seized the opportunity with vigor and managed to deflower himself with a state champion female shot-putter. It was a magical moment between this 5'3" mass of twisted steel and sex appeal and the 6'3" of complete femininity that only shot putting can produce. She has since departed the country and has found her way back to the US of A, but she will always remain in the heart of a certain Team Friendship Legionnaire. We congratulate you, Douche Bag. Now you are not only a legionnaire, you are also a man.

23 July 2005 - As already stated, teamfriendship is now up and running. If this is your first time here, may we suggest you check out "The Goods" page and the "Join Us" page at least? Bitchin' stuff.

23 July 2005 -It's official, went live this morning Pacific Standard time here in the U.S.A, and in the P.M. hours over in Europe. Both the west coast chapter and European Chapter Generales' were present. Here are two audio clips from the event: clip 1 and clip 2 enjoy.